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Getting Your Debt Under Control Through Chapter 13

It can be all too easy to get in over your head with debt. Credit card bills, medical bills and other kinds of debt can pile up quickly, gathering interest faster than your income can keep up.

At times like these, you may need professional help to get your debt under control. A lawyer who works with debt relief can suggest a number of ways to pay off, minimize or even eliminate debt.

At The Rushing Law Firm, PLLC, we help with a variety of strategies and methods for getting our clients out of debt. Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection offers one of the best ways for individuals and married couples to get rid of debt and regain their financial health.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Protection

Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers you protection from your creditors while you reorganize your debts. Unlike Chapter 7 or other forms of bankruptcy, Chapter 13 does not require you to sell off your assets. Instead, you will work on a plan that shows how you will pay off your debts over a period of time, typically between three and five years.

Certain debts, such as tax debt and unpaid child support, take priority in a Chapter 13 plan, but if you meet all the requirements, stick to your plan and make all your scheduled payments, the court will discharge all your remaining eligible debt at the end of your plan.

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